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Even though our location and website are still under development, we are looking to hiring capable employees before we open shop. In this place of work, we offer a variety of services, a few of which are listed below the application form. You may use this list to understand the duties and opportunities that await you! At Olney Beer and Wine, our staff is a family and we hope to see you with us!


Job Information

What You Need To Know



In retail, the most important aspect of this job is Customer Service. We strive to have to fastest, and highest quality service around. You must be friendly, understanding, and fast while maintaining the quality of service to all our customers. The following are the responsibilities you hold as a retailer:

  • Lottery

  • Merchandise

  • Western Union

  • Money Order

  • Charcuterie Bar

  • Wine/Beer Bar



As a waiter/waitress, your job is fairly simple. You must provide our customers with outstanding service by taking their orders from our charcuterie bar and our wine/beer bar, then deliver their orders to their tables accurately. This job must be carried out with finesse. Remember that friendliness, maturity, speed, and quality are to always be employed in your work.


18312 Village Center Dr, Olney MD, 20832

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